Kim Cormier : A 21st-century amazon

Actress, stunt-woman, personal trainer and kickboxing coach, Kim Cormier wants to learn everything about motorcycling. She’s ready for anything and wants to try everything on two wheels. Kim just got her second machine and is just itching at the thought of taking it onto the track with real pros. And why not also have a go at getting dirty on an off-road track?

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Kim bought her first motorcycle in 2015 and signed up for track courses on the spot. Her first question for the instructors at Moto Nation was perfect: “Are we going to learn how to fall?” The other students, mostly men, burst out laughing. Kim was nonetheless the only one with the balls to ask such an intelligent question.

This young woman takes on motorcycling with a good sense of balance: she is keen for strong sensations but intent on controlling the risks. 

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Her beginnings

Her father gave her the motorcycling bug. She remembers well the privileged moments when her dad sat her over the tank of his dirt bike, even though very young.


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Her ambition

Kim wants to race on a track, of course. She thrills at the thought of surpassing herself; will she pursue her quest?

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